All about Geladi

Hi, I’m back again..

it is a little awkward for me, make some post in one time. hehe

But come on, i just wanna tell you about my experience during my Geladi in Sukabumi. Yup, my Geladi was in Witel Jabar Selatan ( Sukabumi, West Java of Indonesia). It was held for 40-days, started from the first of June until the ten of July 2015.

I was placed in Consumer Service Division or we could called it with CS. The concern of this division is the marketing for the home marketing or home service. In this division I was asked to collecting the data, checking data, and sometimes they asked me to watch how they do the promotion to the potential customers directly. It was fun.

Everyone in this division are friendly and welcomed us very well. They never felt hesitate to answer the question that we asked.

From this Geladi I got a lot of things, not only the experience. I also can know the world of work and what kind of soft skill that needed when i gotta work.

Yup, that was what I can shared about my Geladi. Thank You. . .

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